• Ghost In The Shell Movies/Anime Universe

    Ghost In The Shell Movies/Anime Universe

    Ghost In The Shell all https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_in_the_Shell_(disambiguation) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_in_the_Shell_ Ghost in the Shell - 1995 1995 movie https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_in_the_Shell_(1995film) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_in_the_Shell_ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_in_the_Shell Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence - 2004 2004 movie - sequel to 1995 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_in_the_Shell_2:_Innocence in 2032 Ghost in the Shell 2.0 - 2008 2008 movie - remastered re-release of Ghost in the Shell - 1995 o Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - 2002 2002-2003 tv series1 26 episodes 1-26 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_in_the_Shell:_Stand_Alone_Complex OVA The Laughing Man - 2005 summary? means ova? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ghost_in_the_Shell:_Stand_Alone_Complex_episodes in 2030 Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG - 2004 2004-2005 tv series2 26 episodes 27-52 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_in_the_Shell:_Stand_Alone_Complex OVA... [read more]

  • Palidul Albastru Punct

    Palidul Albastru Punct

    Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan (1934-1996) traducere Costin Grigore (2017) Din acest punct de vedere îndepărtat Pământul ar putea părea lipsit de orice interes deosebit. Dar pentru noi este altfel. Consideraţi din nou acel punct. Acela este aici. Aceea este acasă. Aceia suntem noi. Pe el, toţi cei pe care îi iubiţi, toţi cei pe care îi cunoaşteţi, toţi cei despre care aţi auzit vreodată, toate fiinţele umane ce au existat vreodată, şi-au trăit vieţile. [read more]

  • The Principle of Least Astonishment is the One

    The Principle of Least Astonishment is the One

    It could be that the Principle of Least Astonishment - POLA is governing our world. Simptoms You’re affected if you’ve been astonished by: long debug session - A lot of WTF’s take some time. long learning/rampup time you get explanations like: It’s complicated because it is. You can’t simplify it. This library/framework needs a paradigm swift in your thinking: scala, playframework, scalaz. Surprises The surprises list is long and ranges from benign code smells, non-idioms to anti-patterns and violations of the conventions and common sense. logs/exceptions are missing, are swallowed or reported at the wrong level conventions are broken default... [read more]

  • Risk Takers or Safety Nets?

    Risk Takers or Safety Nets?

    There are giant entrepreneurs like Gates, Jobs, Musk that take risks. The mere mortals like us aren’t successful entrepreneurs because we’re risk averse. We are used to take it easy, measuring each option and gradually move step by step. In the end they take risks because they have good, reliable safety nets. In worst case situation they know that it can’t be that bad. They can trade an survivable event for bigger rewards and acievements. [read more]

  • Ordonanta Urgenta Modificare Cod Penal

    Ordonanta Urgenta Modificare Cod Penal

    Identificare Monitorul Oficial nr. 0092 din 01 Februarie 2017 - Partea I Act nr. 13/31 Ianuarie 2017 Ordonanţă de urgenţă pentru modificarea şi completarea Legii nr. 286/2009 privind Codul penal şi a Legii nr. 135/2010 privind Codul de procedură penală Text [read more]

  • Codul Penal

    Codul Penal

    Codul penal in varianta din 2015. [read more]

  • Export your OSQA articles and comments

    Export your OSQA articles and comments

    I had an osqa hosted solution. Unfortunately the project is deprecated now. I created a solution to #ownyourarticles #ownyourcomments. [read more]

  • Release versioning

    Release versioning

    A set of practices related to versioning, branching and release strategy that worked for me in the past in several projects. [read more]

  • Own Your Media

     Own Your Media

    This is an windows application that will automatically analyse all your images and videos in a folder and propose several other folders with all of them organized. Features: Current features are: the analysis is fast (100G in minutes) and will be improved the images content is not modified the given origin folder structure or content is not modified in any way the proposed folders contain all the files from the origin folder only structured and renamed differently any of the original folder or the proposals can be SAFELY deleted to keep only the best view the “copy” is “smart” (using... [read more]

  • Languages


    #Thesis We need a higher level human language I will first review the history of communication artifacts. I will show what is the problem with the current verbal communication tools that we devised. Then I will move to hints to a possible solution. In a second article I will present ways developed in computer science to conquer complexity through language, abstractization levels, paradigms, general and domain specific languages. Then I will try to construct a solution for the 100 year future human language. History Spoken language The history of biology, humans and then our civilization documents that we started to... [read more]

  • Life Patterns 1

     Life Patterns 1

    #De ce ne luptam cu altii? Sunt necesare pentru inceput cateva clarificari asupra limbajului. #Ce actiuni putem face Actiunea este definita de actorii Subiect - cel ce face actiunea Obiect - cel asupra caruia se face actiunea Actiunea urmareste transformarea realitatii conform cu o intentie initiala. Pentru un actor rezultatul poate fi L (rau / lose) atunci cand rezultatul nu e dorit W (bun / win) atunci cand rezultatul e dorit C (constant) atunci cand rezultatul nu e nici dorit nici nedorit (rezultat indiferent) Rezultatul interactiei intre subiect si obiect e de tipurile W win-win succes total ambii au castigat... [read more]

  • How To Convert Sourceforge To Github

     How To Convert Sourceforge To Github

    Steps import entire project from cvs repository in sourceforge mkdir ~/quickrex cd ~/quickrex rsync -av rsync://quickrex.cvs.sourceforge.net/cvsroot/quickrex/ ~/quickrex use git cvsimport to extract modules from local cvs repository mkdir ~/quickrex-application cd ~/quickrex-application/ git cvsimport -p x -v -d ~/quickrex I18N update local repository from remote github project (that was already created) cd ~/quickrex-application/ git remote add origin https://github.com/raisercostin/quickrex-i18n.git git pull origin master submit merged sources git push origin master PS. Based on http://ghantoos.org/2010/11/11/migrating-sourceforge-cvs-source-repository-to-github/ [read more]

  • Children Brainteasers

     Children Brainteasers

    Games If you want to let your child exercise his/her brain you could try these games Blokus Blokus junior Tangram Thinkfun Spacerails Bricklink - an unofficial LEGO Marketplace Shapescapes Lego http://education.lego.com/en-gb/preschool-and-school/lower-primary/7plus-education-wedo Duplo trains Knex knex ball machine Thrill rides Universe They can get a sense of big distances with these websites: Scale of universe in pictures Scale of universe in drawings Scale of universe in pictures2 #Math Teach math euclid the game - geometry online khan academy coursera geogebra Math contests Teach programming Learn programming resources/games/classes for everyone. kids scratch [alice[(http://www.alice.org) code one hour light boot learn code khan academy... [read more]

  • Resurseateism2


    Sursa: http://resurseateism.wikispaces.com/ Discutii pe facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/resurseAtei/ toc Descriere Asta e un index al altor grupuri atee din Romania. code Grupul se vrea un index al altor grupuri atee din Romania. Scopuri 1. Creearea unei comunitati atee in Romania 2. Valoarea grupului este data doar de lista catre resurse (daca grupul e sters poate fi creeat rapid cu aceleasi reguli) Regulile sunt simple: 1. Nu sunt acceptate mesje pro/contra legate de ateism/religii 2. Mesajele membrilor trebuie sa aiba legatura cu propunerea de linkuri catre alte resurse (gen grupuri, forumuri) Sfaturi 1. E de preferat ca resursele referite aici sa ofere un... [read more]

  • Health Debugging Engineer Style

    Health Debugging  Engineer Style

    What all these tags have in common: health, cold, flu, allergy, engineering, debugging, Oscars, attendee list, algorithms, binary search, divide and conquer? What do I know till now (2014-03-11 - 36 years old): Health issues Catching cold, flu or allergy There are a lot of symptoms that are connected and usually people don’t bother to differentiate between them. Several links follow, maybe I will have time to make a synthesis. cold flu allergies http://www.webmd.com/cold-and-flu/cold-guide/flu-cold-symptoms http://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/qa/coldflu.htm How you get it Traditional explanations You might find different explanations for this starting from older people like we have in Romania (and it seems... [read more]

  • How To Procrastinate Efficiently

    How To Procrastinate Efficiently

    A perfect procrastinate performer should employ as much as possible tactics from the following list. They are split on several situations. Real time communication Never give a clear answer on the spot. Use “Let me look into this”. Clarify that there is a special place to have discussions about work: workplace. Is fine to have discussions about hobbies at workplace: they improve the cohesion factor. Master small talk. Be prepared to discuss about the topics that have higher probability to be of interest for your target: * Others * Networks and who’s who * Colleagues * Children * Opposite sex... [read more]

  • Ateism Goals

    Ateism Goals

    Care e scopul in sine al asociatiilor/grupurilor de atei/agnostici in Romania/Lume? Acceptarea de catre oameni ca religia (ca orice idee) poate fi criticata. Impotrivirea fatza de “educatia” dogmatica si inlocuirea ei cu gandirea critica. Diminuarea puterii bisericii (BOR) care isi foloseste puterea(scutiri de taxe, donatii, retea, educatie) pentru acumularea de mai multa putere(biserici, educatie). Ce nu e de dorit sa se intample Discutii elitiste in cerc restrans - pentru ca discutiile in turn de fildes nu produc schimbari. Mistoul, atacul la persoana - pentru ca radicalizeaza discutia deci sunt inutile sau chiar distrugatoare. Mistoul, atacul gratuit al religiei - pentru... [read more]

  • Working for europeean comission

    Working for europeean comission

    Notice period and handover In the 20 working days notice period, after you’re fired, the unit manager, the project manager and development team manager all agree that your job for the rest of the days in the project should be: read about a technology that they want to use it as a replacement of what you did understand it build and deliver a prof of concept based on that To detail Firing process [read more]

  • Tourism


    Why not virtual tourism? google earth street view panoramio google images [read more]

  • Best dev books

    Best dev books

    Books that I wish to be written or recommended to me earlier: Principles, Practices all Joel Spolsky Smart and Gets Things Done all Andrew Hunt, David Thomas The Pragmatic Programmer 1999 all Frederick Brooks The Mythical Man-Month Essays on Software Engineering, Anniversary Edition all Joel Sposky Joel on Software all Jon Bentley programming-pearls-2nd-edition.9780201657883.23633 all Kent Beck addison-wesley test-driven development by example all Kent Beck Extreme Programming Explained Addison Wesley (1999) all Kent Beck Test Driven Development By Example (2002) all Robert Martin Clean Code A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship (2008) all Ron Jeffries Extreme Programming all Steve Krug Don’t... [read more]

  • Image Size

    Image Size

    Problem Question If you are to create digital content what should be the resolution that should be used in photoshop for example? Answer 2560x1600 Details Concepts Density-independent pixel (dp) - The conversion of dp units to screen pixels is simple: px = dp * (dpi / 160). For example, on a 240 dpi screen, 1 dp equals 1.5 physical pixels. Others to investigate resolution (width, height) diagonal dpi colours transparency reflection (mirror - maximum, black - minimum?, metallic colours: gold, silver ….) Ratio Width Height R=W/H desc 17 9 1.888 - 16 9 1.775 = 5 3 1.666 = 15/9... [read more]

  • Ro Legi

    Ro Legi

    Cunoaste-ti legile Orincine ar trebui sa aiba cunostinte minime despre legile din tara sa (si poate mai putine cunostinte de trigonometrie si analiza matematica) constitutia codul civil pdf [read more]

  • Blogging


    Blogging tools blogger.com [calepin.co] - hosted by pelican with help from dropbox scriptogr.am octopress evernote Ideally should have the following features: CNAME own your data (own your content by having files locally) versioning support (ideally through scm tools and automatic extraction of changes presented in a history part) custom tags (presented in a special section details) automatic rss support [read more]

  • Projects


    Projects that I might never create An personal assistant that will provide the same feeling of completion when you read a book but for websites. It should compute the total website size and how many “pages”/”sentences” were read. For example … what percentage from the content here I read? This should also answer to the question: Do people read nowadays? [read more]

  • Ro Agileism

    Ro Agileism

    Liberarianism Issues (romanian) O vreme credeam destul de mult in libertarianism ca la ceva viabil. Acum am ceva mixed feelings. Cred ca exista niste proprietati emergente din libertarianism pe care nu le putem vedea pt ca nu exista destula practica. De exemplu mi-e teama de explele de sectoare private din sua (care teoretic sunt influentate doar de piata): drept (armate, mafii de juristi) asigurari sanatate (cartel de asigurari de sanatate care vad ca nu e spart de nimeni desi domeniul e privat) telefonie (cartel de servicii de date, telefonie care e greu de spart) Se pare ca domeniile astea nu... [read more]

  • Distributed State

    Distributed State

    State vs Events It will be nice to always perceive the status of a flow at two levels: Raw Flow (Raw/Low Level Flow) - is just the simple ordered list of all FlowChanges. All the information is there. Flow (Business/High Level Flow) - is the high level state of the flow described in business terms. This state is inferred from the Raw Flow. In general is good to decouple those since they are very useful in different circumstances and good to support different responsibilities: Raw Flow is good for synchronizing all the details, to ensure parallelism, to detect conflicting changes,... [read more]

  • Tradeoffs


    Question Monday, November 4, 2013: AZ - 10:10 PM Today at work I started a conversation with another developer. Maybe I am too affected by what I am reading and I follow them religiously. The conversation was about returning or passing nulls and I was saying that is always bad and people should throw exceptions or follow the null object design pattern. The counterargument was that there are simple cases that returning null is valid and the solutions I am suggesting add complexity. Now I am confused. General Answer In engineering is always about trade-offs. There is no room for... [read more]

  • Tools for startup

    Tools for startup

    Tools share a video presentation/pitch - http://bambuser.com/v/4087268 create a facebook group for the development to interact with the team create a facebook group to interact with users create a survey on google forms? add to the survey an email contact (for newsletters) share with users video presentation ppt sharepoint Inspired by startupweekends events in London, Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Luxemburg [read more]

  • Android overview

    Android overview

    Goals I need a clear criteria of success so I should have a very simple problem to solve. (done) Local - I should have an application on my phone (done) Pages - Display 10 pages with images of a fairy tale. (done) Voice - Play audio romanian voice on each page. (done) Autoplay - After the current page audio finishes move to next page. (done to test) No hide while listening (done) read pages/images from assets uris (done) Hide at the end (done) single track: skip when image is changed (done) single track: automatically change image when markers are reached... [read more]

  • Thank you team

    Thank you team

    As you know we are in a period of time when our work is reviewed and analysed to decide the future of the EESSI project. [read more]