As you know we are in a period of time when our work is reviewed and analysed to decide the future of the EESSI project.

I would like to say that independent of the final result (Rinis, MS, IBM and internal) the internal release was a success according to any standard that might exist or will be invented. We delivered on time, on budget, ALL features that were requested on both milestones: GTM and BL. I’m pleased with what this team has accomplished. If somebody will offer me the opportunity to go back in time to fix something on the internal prototype, I will need to reject the offer because from a technical point of view I don’t see major improvements to be made.

Everyone should acknowledge that without several people the internal project would have not existed. I want to say a big thanks to all these people. Without any of your contribution and with a lower level of involvement we would have failed.

  • Alex Zotos helped through design discussions, huge code contributions to the GTM release, deep discussions that improved the team. Thank you.
  • C.T. helped through cleaning up the path for delivery, clarified through high level and in-deep analysis of the solution, with contributions on BL code that improved the quality of the delivery to a production level. Thank you for documentation and communication of the solution, thank you for your overtime daily and in weekends. Thank you for your patience.
  • Joao Silva helped through graphical interface and also with the general environment. Thank you for giving “a face” to the solution. Thank you for your willingness to adapt to all our strange requests for the solution and thank you for delivering them surprisingly always in much better form that we dreamed. Thank you for providing for us and testing team with an environment that worked smoothly. Thank you for having state of the art continuous integration and delivery servers .
  • Marcos Villabla helped through design discussions, and independent work on persistence GTM code. Thank you.
  • Michail Georgiopoulos helped through very in-deep design discussions on GTM, security on GTM (that successfully passed the security audit of DIGIT on a prototype system that wasn’t focused on this audit at all), with in-deep analysis of ALL BL business stated and unstated requirements, with huge contributions to the final design of the BL layer solution that remained unchanged from february 2013, with (again) huge contributions on BL code that was delivered on time. Thank you for your overtime, work in weekends and focus on delivery in spite of all issues that sometimes pulled us back. Thank you for having patience with me. Thank you for always pushing back and correct me when I wasn’t right This helped me getting confidence that we are in the right direction when we agreed.
  • Violeta Popescu helped through in-deep understanding of the solution that was under test. Thank you for not stopping on the minor and trivial issues of the solution and for the focus on the important issues. Thank you for providing early and cooperative feedback of the prototype. Without you (and I saw that happening multiple times) we would have discovered critical and blocking issues in the last moment. You helped in building up confidence that we converge towards a stable and trustworthy release. Thank you for your additional testing and for your suggestions for improvements on top of the test plan. You understood perfectly that the solution will succeed if we focus on critical and quality related issues and not on trivial and minor matters. Thank you for seeing the wood before you focused on testing the trees.


You delivered a stable, reliable, usable, complete first pilot that can support a sustainable piloting growth of the EESSI project!

I know that I will enjoy working and deliver with any of you in any future project that we might be involved.

I would also like to thank to the other people that helped through discussions and partial solutions.

  • Thank you Arne Bo Sorensen for helping us communicate and manage all the aspects related to jira and documents. Thank you for your openness to adapt the tools for our processes (I know that we should not take this for granted) and letting us use them to enhance our work through tools. Thank you for your patience.
  • Thank you Iulian Costache for your help in delivering the ICD3 interface on time, on budget by managing specifications of the ICD3 interface.
  • Thank you F.C., C.P., Cummings Philip, M.D., O.G., Taslitchi Cristian for the good profitable discussions that we had on various topics pertaining methodology, analysis, communication, business. In some cases we talked a lot these years in some cases we talked just several times and in both cases the value confirmed our current path or pinpointed risks.
  • Thank you Niko Tsatsalmas and M.S. for your good will, adaptability, learning openness and willingness to contribute to the EESSI project.

So, thank you all again.

,costin - 2013-10-16